Crocheted unicorn posing for a glamour shot
Not a selfie.

Hi! I’m Stace, known around the Internet by the handle Cartazon, and this is the home of my crafty creations.

I’ve always been a maker at heart, though my interests have flitted from here to there throughout the years. Going through my craft stash is a bit like walking up and down the aisles at Michaels. There’s not much I haven’t tried at least once, and I’ve got the beads, stamps, fabric, thread, glue, paint and paper to prove it.

Right now, yarn is my current obsession. I taught myself to crochet when I was in college, before we had YouTube videos, so I had to figure it out from a few sketchy drawings in a book. But I did all right, I think, and I made a few throws, a few stuffed toys and even a few lace doilies before my attention got captured by some new shiny craft distraction.

I came back to crochet a few years ago, and have been hooking non-stop since. I love trying different things and figuring out how to do something new, and crochet has so many ideas and techniques I want to try, I’ll probably be sticking with it a few more years at least. That doesn’t mean that crochet will be the only thing you’ll see here, but it will probably be the major component of these pages, at least for a while.

I’m a writer by trade, lucky enough to be employed in the crafting industry right now (for a company that has almost nothing to do with yarn), and I’ve worked as an editor for both craft and home decor magazines. My true passion is fantasy, however, and if you don’t hear anything from me for a while, that’s because I’m busy working on a novel. You can read more about that over on my other blog, dumoski.com, or catch up with me on Instagram or Twitter.

Do you have something you need to get off your chest? Want to comment privately on a post? Do you have question about a pattern? Have an issue with something you’ve purchased through my Etsy shop? Then this form’s for you! You know what to do.

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